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ALA Fall 2010 Title Preview

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Did you miss Patty and I talking about our Fall 2010 titles at ALA Annual?  If you did miss it, we had a VIP guest: Mo Willems!  He joined us to talk about his upcoming conclusion to the Knuffle Bunny picture book series: KNUFFLE BUNNY FREE.  Mo made us laugh and cry – to hear him talk about his role as a parent was touching, to say the very least.

For those of you not able to attend, you don’t have to miss out on all the information we shared.  Here is the Powerpoint presentation we gave at the preview:

Vampire Hunters

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You know you’ve arrived when people start parodying you. Such is the case with vampires. Check out this hilarious video inspired by Adam Rex‘s FAT VAMPIRE:


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We have a lot of experience in this office getting kids to sleep. First, a few of us have young kids of our own. Second, I’ve conducted bedtime storytimes in my previous life as a librarian and, I have to admit, bedtime storytimes were my favorites. The hustle and bustle of the day has died down and everyone in the family is just primed for quiet stories shared together. Even better, kids come to storytime in the library all dressed in their jammies, carrying their plush teddy bears and bunnies. And here are some examples of the type of storytimes I loved to plan:

race you to bed

princess says goodnight

kittens first full moon

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You know, we talk a lot about the “magic” around here.  We go to conferences, we host events, and we love doing it.  Of course, no one really sees all the effort and planning that goes on behind the scenes.  They only experience the “magic.”

But I’m pulling back the curtain for a mo’.  

Packing for conferences is a challenge.  In a good way, of course.  It started with the 3-piece suit I bought right before my first conference: a skirt, pants, and a jacket.  

But I quickly realized that a suit wouldn’t help with the bloodshot eyes and indigestion.  You’d be surprised what a beating your body takes with all that pumped-in dry air and all those dinners out.  So, thanks to my colleague Kayleigh George over at Roaring 20s, I created a Conference Survival Kit: Read more
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