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School Round-Up: Chapter Books

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These chapter books would be great for read-alouds in your classroom – even older kids love being read to!

by Ben H. Winters
A class of middle-school students discovers that their boring music teacher is actually a former rock star. (On-sale 9.21.10)

by Patricia MacLachlan
Visiting author Ms. Mirabel comes to Lucy’s fourth grade class to teach about the power of words and writing. (Download the teaching guide)

by Dan Gutman
Mr. Granite has been assigned a student teacher, and A.J. and the gang are convinced she’s a vampire.

School Round-Up: Picture Books

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The beginning of the school year can be a source of anxiety for some kidsWe have some great picture book recommendations for the start of the school year:

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE SCHOOL by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Jane Manning (Download classroom activities)

AMELIA BEDELIA’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL by Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril (Download book activities)

KINDERGARTEN DIARY by Antoinette Portis (Download the KINDERGARTEN DIARY checklist)

ONE SMART COOKIE by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Jane Dyer and Brook Dyer (Download the cookie recipe and a matching game)

School Week

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It’s almost September and our librarian friends are celebrating the end of summer reading…while our teacher friends are bearing down and getting ready for another year.

In both cases, we’re celebrating with you and declaring it SCHOOL WEEK here at the pageturn.  Look for our school-themed posts this week – stay tuned!

Weekend Links

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Here is what we’ve been reading and loving lately:

Have a great week, all!

Poetry Friday: Wicked Girls

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July 1692

Hot, stuffed in skirts
and screaming, “Witch!”
some of us girls point fingers
from positions of sunlight,
others of us hide
under a parasol of leaves.
Sirens all, we choir a cacophony
of caws together.

None in the Village dare step
on the shadows we forge,
lest their name
be next proclaimed.
For as evening approaches
and heat subsides
our elders shrivel and shrink,
and we girls
grow spine tall.

by Stephanie Hemphill
Published by Balzer+Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Children’s Books

Download the Reading Guide for writing prompts and discussion questions.

Multicultural Books

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Being teachers and librarians, you work with such a wide array of children and teens, all with different economic, social, and cultural backgrounds . Finding books that speak to a particular child’s life experience can be both rewarding and challenging.  We hope the following recommendations will help you put the right book in the right child’s hands:

by Kashmira Sheth

Gopal is kidnapped and forced to work in a sweatshop in modern-day India. BCCB says this is a “strong work of contemporary fiction that offers young readers an authentic glimpse into a world very different from what they may know.”  (Grades 4 & up)

by Laura Manivong

A boy tries to put down roots in a temporary and terrible home—a refugee camp in Thailand.  In its review, Kirkus called this book “essential.” (Grades 5 & up)

by Allan Stratton

In post 9/11 America, a teenaged Muslim American boy and his family are caught in an international terrorism investigation.  In its starred review, Publishers Weekly said: “It’s a powerful story and excellent resource for teaching tolerance, with a message that extends well beyond the timely subject matter.” (Grades 7 & up)

Playlist: The Ivy

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The editors at Greenwillow Books described THE IVY perfectly: it’s the book that high school students will want to read to find out what college is like.  The young  authors, Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur, roomed together at Harvard and have translated the college experience to the page in a way that is fun, fast-paced, and real.

In this story of Gossip Girls meets Felicity, four vastly different roommates at Harvard might eventually become friends as they navigate secret parties, new romances, and a crippling workload together.  There may be lots of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll…but there’s also Austen, Hawthorne, and Nietzsche.

THE IVY website has just launched and it’s chock-full of amazing content: meet the characters,  fun quizzes (Which Ivy girl are you?  Not surprisingly, I’m a Callie…), and tips on how to get published and get into college.

But you know what we especially love on the website?  The playlist.  It is on constant rotation in our offices and you’ll want to check it out: The White Stripes, Blondie, The Dandy Warhols, The Temptations – there’s a little something for everyone here.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to it for a week straight!  Here’s the full list of tracks:

  • “We’re Going to Be Friends” – White Stripes
  • “Too Young” – Phoenix
  • “Heart of Glass” – Blondie
  • “She Loves Everybody” – Chester French
  • “Campus” – Vampire Weekend
  • “Bohemian Like You” – The Dandy Warhols
  • “Get Ready” – The Temptations
  • “Dancing in the Moonlight” – Toploader
  • “Comfortably Numb” – Pin Floy
  • “Playground Love” – Air
  • “Gold Lion” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • “Bullet and a Target” – Citizen Cope
  • “L.E.S. Artistes” – Santogold
  • “Used to Get High” – The John Butler Trio
  • “Rebellion (Lies)” – Arcade Fire
  • “Sail Away” – David Gray
  • “Rabbit Heart [Raise It Up]” – Florence and the Machine

Here is what others are saying about THE IVY:
Bloody Bookaholic

Sneak Peek: Floating on Mama’s Song

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FLOATING ON MAMA’S SONG, written by Laura Lacámara and illustrated by Yuyi Morales, is on sale today!  Here is a sneak peek of an interior spread:

In the story, a young girl discovers her Mama’s magical ability to make people and animals so happy with her singing that they start to float in the air. Laura Lacámara has crafted a delightfully sensory story, in which you can practically hear the music and taste the fried plantains and black beans, and see the farm animals flying through the yard. Yuyi Morales’s bright palette and rich textures seamlessly blend the fantastical and the real into a brilliant, absorbing world. It’s a visual (and auditory) feast!

The story is written in English and Spanish, with both languages sharing each page. Use it to spice up a language lesson, or for an uplifting storytime!

Weekend Links 8.16-8.22

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The blogosphere has been buzzing lately!  Here is the long list of what we’ve been reading and loving lately:

Mockingjay Read-Alikes

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I’ve got MOCKINGJAY fever.  Five days and counting.  And let it be said here and now that I am not Team Peeta or Team Gale – I am Team Katniss all the way.  Forget the swooning over the guys!  I want to know if Katniss overthrows the Capitol and how she does it, and I want to read about her using her smarts and strength to overcome adversity.

So here’ s the problem: it’ll take me one day, maybe two, to read MOCKINGJAY.  But then what?  There’s always a bit of a letdown once I’ve finished a highly anticipated book, and I suspect there are a quite a few of you who feel the same way, right?

Below is a list of some of our upcoming titles that feature kick-ass heroines who save the day, and they’re great recommendations for your teens once they’ve sped through Suzanne Collins’ latest.

FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan
Jacinda can shape-shift into a dragon but how much is she willing to risk when she finds out the boy she loves is a gifted dragon-hunger?

MISTWOOD by Leah Cypess
A lethal young woman must unlock the secrets of a past she cannot remember in a court of shifting perils and loyalties, where nothing is what it seems—and where her heart might betray her.

PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White
All Evie wants is to be normal…instead, she’s stuck at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising death and destruction to the paranormal world.

RAMPANT by Diana Peterfreund
Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets My-Little-Pony-Gone-Bad in this YA fantasy about killer unicorns and the teenage girls who must hunt them down. (The sequel, ASCENDANT, is on-sale 9.28.10)

Who are your favorite take-no-prisoners, tough-as-nails, wicked-smart YA heroines?

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