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In one short week we’ll be in sunny Anaheim, California (well, it better be sunny or we’ll be PEEVED)– the 54th most populated city in California, founded in 1857 by grape farmers and wine makers: doesn’t that seem like a good sign?  We think sunshine, wine, and books are a pretty fantastic setting for this year’s annual meeting of the American Library Association, or as we like to think of it, the annual weekend of book loving and celebrating.

And check out the awesome authors who agreed to come with us!  All signings in the HarperCollins Children’s Books Booth, #2558.


6:00–7:00PM, Rae Carson (get a galley of THE CROWN OF EMBERS, Rae’s sequel to Morris finalist THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS!)

6:00–7:00PM, Katherine Applegate


10:-00–11:00AM, Michael Grant

10:00–11:00AM, Jon Scieszka

11:00AM–12:00PM, Mo Willems

12:30–1:30PM, Cindy Pon

12:30–1:30PM, Tahereh Mafi

1:30–2:30PM, Sara Pennypacker

2:30–3:30PM, Melissa Marr (snag a galley of UNTAMED CITY: CARNIVAL OF SECRETS!)

3:30–4:30PM, Garth Nix


9:00–10:00AM, Jon Klassen

10:00–11:00AM, Kadir Nelson

10:00–11:00AM, Eloise Greenfield

11:00AM–12:00PM, Sharon Creech

12:00–12:30PM, Seymour Simon

1:00–2:00PM, Lemony Snicket

2:00–2:30PM, HarperCollins Children’s Books Buzz Presentation, Anaheim Convention Center Room 210AB. Come hear us spill about our favorite upcoming Fall 2012 books.  And there will be special treats, brought to you in conjunction with Scholastic and Holiday House.  Swing on by!


9:30–10:30AM, Thanhha Lai

So, if you’re attending– which authors are you excited to meet?  Which galleys are going to be hot commodities? Come by booth #2558 and say hi– we’ll see you there!

*Bonus points for anyone who caught my Slouching Towards Bethlehem reference in the title of this post!*


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Today we’re continuing the awesomeness that is HEATHER’S PICKS.  I’ll turn it over now to the expert…

“It’s that time of year again: on the heels of BEA comes the big ALA show. And with so many books to look at, here are my top 5 titles to grab/stalk from HarperCollins for this Fall 2012.

CAT TALE by Michael Hall
On Sale 8/28/12
• Author & Illustrator Michael Hall has used shapes to encourage creativity in his previous books (MY HEART IS LIKE A ZOO & PERFECT SQUARE); in his newest book wordplay is the name of the game as three cats head out for an afternoon of homophones and homonyms. Perfect for classroom use, it will also have kids giggling – plus CATS!!!!

UNGIFTED by Gordon Korman
On Sale 8/21/12
• What happens when a C+ prankster student with impulse control issues ends up in a Talented & Gifted Class by mistake? Full of hilarious odd-man-out moments & one liners, author Gordon Korman introduces a character who just might fit in & find friends in the most unlikely of places.

THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachmann
On Sale 9/18/12
• In a gothic steampunk alternative London, half-human half-faery changeling Bartholomew Kettle tries to solve a murder mystery involving other changelings before it hits too close to home. Debut author & teen musical prodigy Stefan Bachmann creates a world full of horror, wonder, humor, & excitement that was hailed as one of the Big Books of the season by PW at BookExpo!

TEN by Gretchen McNeil
On Sale 9/18/12
• In this horror novel loosely inspired by Agatha Christie’s AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, ten teens head to a house party at a remote island mansion off the Washington coast…only for them to be picked off by a killer one by one. A creepy & fast paced read for any horror movie fans of SCREAM or I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!

ONE SHOT AWAY by T. Glen Coughlin
On Sale 10/2/12
• A brutally honest, riveting story of three high school wrestlers struggling to prove they are worthy of love and recognition. Totally not my normal genre, this is a compelling contemporary read that takes you deep into the mindset of high school athletes looking to win at all costs.”

Thank you, Heather!  Tomorrow we’ll be posting our complete ALA signing schedule– if you’ll be in Anaheim with us, swing by our booth, #2558!


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I’m not sure I know anyone as knowledgeable about children’s books as my colleague, National Accounts Manager Heather Doss.  She’s our human encyclopedia at meetings, a whiz in the booth at conferences, and an all-around terrific lady.  And today you are the lucky recipient of her genius!  Heather pulled together a round up of Classics, Redone:

“I’ll admit it: I’m a fan of the twisted classic genre. Whether it’s a retelling of a fairytale, myth or novel from the past, I love when authors take something you think you know and turn it on its head to give it a new perspective. While I think there will always be a place in curriculum for those classics we all read in high school and college, a remake can bring a fresh audience to them, and help to create a new fan base. Lucky for me, our Harper lists are chock full of titles that have a classic background:

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Bethany Griffin has reimagined Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic horror story “The Masque of the Red Death,” creating a breathtakingly real city that’s coming apart at the seams, a riveting romantic triangle, and a heroine faced with heartbreaking choices. Hauntingly dark & romantic at the same time!

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

TIGER LILY combines the rich mythology of Peter Pan and the lush setting of Neverland to create a truly unique teen romance; told from the point of view of Tinkerbell & focusing on the Indian Princess whose backstory is vague in the original story.

For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS is a breathtaking romance about the choice between protecting your heart and opening yourself to the one person who could break it; inspired by Jane Austen’s PERSUASION.

Entwined by Heather Dixon

In this retelling of the classic tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” the eldest princess must fight to save her family—and her heart—from an ancient dark magic within the palace walls; a romantic fantasy with a darker edge.

Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman

Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, finally gets a chance to set the story straight in RADIANT DARKNESS. She wasn’t taken to the underworld against her will—she fell in love with Hades, and chose to be his queen and leave her overbearing mother behind.


Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna

Part dystopian, part sci-fi thriller, part romance, LOST GIRL is an electrifying YA debut about a clone fighting against the system that created her—and finding the courage to be true to her humanity; loosely inspired by FRANKENSTEIN.

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

In this horror novel loosely inspired by Agatha Christie’s AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, ten teens head to a house party at a remote island mansion off the Washington coast…only for them to be picked off by a killer one by one.

The Turning by Francine Prose

A mind-bending and chilling retelling of THE TURN OF THE SCREW for modern teens, by nationally acclaimed, former President of PEN and award-winning author Francine Prose!”

Thanks, Heather! We love this trend (if you can even call it a trend!), since it’s so helpful when booktalking and recommending new favorites. Any other great classics-with-a-twist that we should read?


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We’ve gushed about Z IS FOR MOOSE (by Kelly Bingham, illustrated by Paul Zelinsky) before, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll stop doing it.  And while we may not be premiering this hilarious trailer (Betsy Bird did a terrific job of that on her blog), we’re still jumping up and down for joy at the sheer delight of it.

And not to spoil anything for you, but be sure to pay attention to the credits at the end… Moose is not the only star of this video (though he’s surely the most persistent)!

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